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How to make packing school lunches easier

How to Make Packing School Lunches Easier

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6 tips to help make packing school lunches a breeze!

If your family bypasses the school cafeteria lunch, the good news is that you have more say in what your child eats.

The bad news? You need to make sure they have a lunch every day. Kids need a nutritious midday meal to keep them focused throughout the afternoon. Sometimes in the rush and hustle of busy school days, getting lunches together can become one more chore. Here are some ideas to keep things moving smoothly. First off? Deli Express® is here to help—our sandwiches make great portable lunches.

  1. Have the kids help. Even a kindergartener can go to the fridge and pick out some fruit to go with the sandwich. Older kids can do more complicated tasks, like spreading peanut butter between crackers and putting them in a sealable container for a snack. If they help put the lunch together, they could very well be more likely to eat it and not complain.
  2. Customize. Again, this is something you can do together. If your child likes mustard or mayo with the Smoked Ham & Cheese, help them add some.
  3. Plan a good side. Rather than just a piece of fruit, consider putting some hot soup into a thermos for them for a really filling, nutritious lunch. Or add a small container of fresh carrot and celery slices with a little dip.
  4. Keep it together. Whether you use insulated lunch boxes or brown bags, plastic bags or reusable containers, keep all the supplies in one spot. That way no one wastes time or energy trying to find the relevant supplies.
  5. Prep the night before. A few minutes in the evening can help the mornings be less stressful. Clean and cut up fruit or veggie slices, assemble lunches as far as you can, set out things like thermoses for hot soup so they’re ready to go first thing in the morning.
  6. Let the picky eater have some control. You’ve got one that only wants an Oven-Roasted Turkey & Cheese sandwich every day? Go with it. Many kids go through a phase where they only like certain things. It’s likely they’ll grow out of it. And while they’re in it, it sure makes planning lunches easy.