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Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year

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Make Promises, Not Resolutions!

It’s the end of 2018, the beginning of 2019, and the time when people make resolutions. Here at Deli Express, we have a recommendation for you: Don’t make a resolution.

Just look at that word: Resolutions. It’s so serious and ominous. And it’s all too easy to think you have to make huge, life-changing commitments that you maybe do or don’t want to make. Which is likely at least part of the reason that as many as 80% of resolutions made aren’t kept.

Instead, try this: Make promises to yourself. What kind of promises?

  1. Be kind with yourself. Does your morning often begin with “I should have, why didn’t I, if only I’d…”? You’re human. Cut yourself some slack.
  2. Be kind to others. You may never know how much that scowling person on the street needed a smile from a stranger. That’s OK. If you gave the smile, you were kind.
  3. Take a hard look at family commitments. Anything you can cut out to build in more down time? Being constantly on the run is stressful. Find moments to stop.
  4. Let go of the “perfect” ideas. Your home doesn’t have to be perfectly clean. You don’t have to serve four-course meals every night (or, actually, any night). It’s OK to be good enough.
  5. If you do have concrete things you want to accomplish in 2019, find ways to break them down into small chunks. “Become a master gardener” is a big, big task. “Cut up a little square in the corner of the yard and plant three kinds of vegetables” is much more manageable.
  6. Take a night off now and then. Bring home Deli Express sandwiches for dinner and spend time with the family, rather than scrambling to make a meal.
Surviving Finals Week Image

Surviving Finals Week

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6 Tips for Surviving College’s Craziest Week

Whether you’re an undergrad or grad student, finals week can loom heavily in your schedule. It’s easy to become overwhelmed at everything you need to study and learn, and let anxiety drive your response. The more you can manage your stress, the better you’ll be prepared when test day arrives. Here are some tips to help you through the lead-up to finals week.

  1. Get some sleep. It seems counterintuitive—sleep, when you have so much studying and writing to do, when people around you are pulling all-nighters? But yes—build sleep into your prep schedule. A good night’s sleep has advantages that are important during finals week: When we don’t get enough sleep, we have trouble concentrating, and may even have difficulty remembering things. Since remembering things is key to finals week, adding sleep to the equation isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity.
  2. Break it down and set a schedule. Don’t look at that European history textbook and think, “I have to read 300 pages!” Instead, break it into smaller sections, and put them on your calendar on your phone or tablet, with reminders. Bit by bit, you’ll work through them with less anxiety.
  3. Take a break. Another item to schedule: Breaks. Every person is different; some people need short, frequent breaks, while others need fewer, but longer, distractions. But no matter which is best for you, don’t skip them. Taking a break gives your brain a much-needed rest, and you’ll return with more energy and focus.
  4. But when you’re not on break, turn off the social. It’s an easy temptation: “I’ll just send a quick Snapchat or spend a minute on Instagram.” But a minute or two can quickly spin out of control, and before you know it, you’re way behind on the schedule you carefully set. Better plan: Schedule plenty of down time to happen as soon as finals week is done.
  5. Four-legged therapy.  An increasing number of universities and colleges are bringing in therapy dogs during finals week. Take a break from cramming for a calc final and cuddle a pug or a golden doodle. It will do wonders for your mental health, and it only takes a few minutes. Life is always better with puppy kisses.
  6. Eat.  Don’t skip meals to study. Your body—and your brain—need nourishment. Skipping meals deprives them of what they need most to keep you going. Grab a Deli Express sandwich, a piece of fruit, and a big glass of water. Your body and brain will thank you and be better able to help you during finals week.